The Fish of Alaska

The last great frontier!  Alaska has long been considered the last bit of untamed area in the United States.  Bit may be an understatement as Alaska is a little more than twice the size of Texas.  The native Indians call the state Alyeska, meaning “Great Land”, not only because of its size but also the bountiful harvest provided the good Mother Earth each year.


The Fish of Alaska

  1. Halibut fishing is one of the major activities participated in by both local and out-of-state fishermen.  These fish routinely reach 50 to 80 pounds though pulling in 100 pounders is very common.  Spending any amount of time in AK will quickly let one know that this fish alone feeds a good portion of the state.  It is hard to find a restaurant that doesn’t sell fish and chips.  The fish of course is Halibut and it is always good.

  1. King, Silver, and Sockeye Salmon run so deep in season that in many places such as Anchorage there is little room to find a spot on the shore.  Having seen “combat fishing” first hand, I can attest to the fact that most of these fishermen have no need to bait their hooks.  Often, casting out a decent sized treble hook will do just fine.  One quick jerk and you are almost assured to come up with something nice.  Alaska sports some of the largest Freshwater Kings in the world, giving the Halibuts a run for their money.

  1. Rainbow Trout hold their own in the fishing world and were the original “famous fish” before the Salmon hatcheries made their mark.  15 pound pulls are a standard and are recorded yearly.  The best area for these guys is the National Wildlife Refuge, which issues a very limited number of passes each year.  If you are going Trout fishing, make sure you sign up early.

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