Prime Fishing in Alaska

Alaska is probably the most prime fishing spot anywhere, followed by Minnesota and Florida.  The reason for this is the abundance of fish here but the variety as well.  This blog will discuss two unique fish and the ways in which to catch them when in Alaska. You can sport fish or you can fish for leisure. Either way, these two fish will pose to be a challenge to catch if you’re not experienced.

  1. Swordfish – Swordfish is abundant in the Pacific.  Hawaii has a large population that swims off the shores, but Alaska (at least territorially) has the largest population of them.  This fish is not an easy one to haul in, primarily because of its size.  Its weight is not a problem if they stay still, but you know that’s not a possibility.  Swordfish aren’t picky about what they eat.  They are almost like sharks in that way.  The best bait to use, however, is not even a fish or seafood.  Lamb.  Lamb has a stronger concentration of blood content, believe it or not.  Its odor is also more detectable. But where it really makes it an attraction to swordfish is that it’s not overly fatty making it more palatable.  Fishing for these guys takes time and patience.  When on the boat, ensure you have pole holders that are stable.  The best way to real them in is by putting the boat in motion.  Using momentum will help reel in the fish.  Be careful of the sword, when reeling in.  It will certainly require two or three people to reel in so be prepared for a battle, but it is made much easier when the boat is put in motion.
  2. Arctic Grayling – The grayling is a unique fish.  It’s hard to find in the Pacific, in general, but you can find an abundance of them close to the Arctic.  Grayling are fun to catch because they are easier to catch.  The complete opposite to swordfish in regards to catching, the grayling is known as the clumsy one. They can fall for anything. Fishers, the best place to find them is near land.  They thrive better in shallower waters much like salmon and catfish. As far as bait is concerned, stink bait is preferable.  Their curiosity is often their downfall.

Fishing in Alaska is abundant and there are literally dozens of species there. But these two fish are less common to be fished anywhere except in the Alaskan waters.  Whatever type of fishing you are doing, there will be a lot to choose from.

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