Fish in Alaska

Common Fish in Alaska

Alaska is full of fishing, regardless of the type of fish.  With so many waters surrounding the area there are plenty of opportunities whether you are an amateur angler or an experienced one.  One of the best things about the fishing in Alaska is because many people know that it’s a haven for the economy there so there is an abundance of variety.  The most common fish in Alaska are:

  • Salmon – It is difficult to determine whether Salmon is more predominant than Halibut but they are close.  There are many types of salmon swimming in the Alaskan waters.  On where to predominantly find the fish, look toward the shorelines or in areas with low water levels.  If one is daring, you can look at the Kenai Peninsula or the Bristol Bay area. Freshwater or saltwater salmon are great finds – and the flavor is amazing!
  • Arctic Char – The char is a great fish to find in fresh water.  It is not as elusive as rumor likes to have it. There is actually an abundance of char in Alaska. Looking in the Brooks Range, one will find no shortage of char.  When there look for a fish that is olive in color on the top and gets lighter toward the belly.  They migrate up the river in order to spawn, so depending on how strategic you want to be, you can plan your time around spawn season.
  • Trout – Trout fishing is common in Alaska – and all over the country for that matter. Trout is a special kind of fish and the peak season in Alaska is from May to October.  This is incredible, given the amount of trout there are in Alaska.  It is prime season during those months. There are various forms of trout, too, from rainbow trout to steelhead trout.  Common areas to find any kind of trout are streams and banks.
  • Halibut – This is the gold trophy of fishing in Alaska.  Its meat is delicious and sells for a premium dollar.  Unlike trout, halibut is a year ‘round fish.  You can find it in just about any water source there is. For better results, go deep water.

While these are just four types of fish, there are also varieties of shellfish and other seafood.  Before taking on a fishing venture, be sure to take advantage of an Alaska fishing report.  This will benefit you in the long run, guaranteed. Fishing in Alaska is unpredictable, but you are at least guaranteed to find something, whether fishing for fun or necessity.

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