Alaska Fishing Destinations

Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Alaska, for residents and visitors alike. Below are some of the most notable fishing destinations in Alaska:

  • Kenai River / Kenai Peninsula – For those looking for large fish, the Kenai River and Peninsula is an ideal spot. It is the most popular sport fishing destination in the state, and is known for the large-size fish that inhabit its waters.  The world-record king salmon (97 lbs.) was caught in the Kenai River, and many trophy-size rainbow trout have been caught there as well. Besides salmon and rainbow trout, anglers can also find plenty of halibut and smokeye.

  • Lake Creek – Also in south central Alaska, this area is great for anglers who also want a vacation experience. The secluded stream provides a getaway for many in nearby Anchorage and plenty of opportunities for both solo and guided fishing. The lake is home to many different salmon species, as well as rainbow trout and Arctic grayling, to name a few. Lake Creek is also a popular place for spin fishing and fly fishing.

  • Togiak River – Located in southwest Alaska, the Togiak River is another popular sport fishing destination. Its waters offer many salmon species, rainbow trout, dolly varden, pike and Arctic graylings galore. There are many guided fishing tours available, or one can try their luck solo.

  • Nushagak River – Also in southwest Alaska, flowing into the Bristol Bay, Nushagak River offers all five major Pacific salmon species, as well as rainbow trout, pike, Arctic grayling, burbot, whitefish and Arctic char. Avid anglers should take note of the annual run of King Salmon in this river in June and July.

  • Aniak – For those looking for a truly remote experience, visit the small town of Aniak in western Alaska, which is only accessible by air and water. Those who fish the Aniak River can expect to see between seven and 10 different fish species, including salmon, pike, rainbow trout and Arctic char. Aniak is located in one of the most remote areas of Alaska. It has a limited number of lodges for visitors looking for a fishing adventure in the Alaskan wilderness.

  • Holitna River – Another remote location for consideration is the Holitna River in western Alaska. Anglers can opt for a solo, unguided fishing experience or a fully guided tour. The Holitna is one of the best Arctic char fishing spots in the state, although other types of fish swim there, including salmon, pike and sheefish. Due mainly to its remote location, the Holitna is not heavily used, making it ideal for anglers who prefer quiet solitude.

Aniak and Holitna River are just two of many remote fishing locations in Alaska. Simple online research provides numerous locations for a fly-in fishing trip. Fly-ins offer an abundance of large, handsome fish, privacy and a chance to visit out-of-the-way areas of Alaska. Many of these remote locations have lodges and inns, to provide a comfortable stay.

The number of options, both of fishing and lodging locations, are virtually endless in Alaska. It is best to determine what part of the state you wish to visit and what type of fish you wish to catch. The rest is a matter of simple research to determine your ideal Alaskan fishing spot.

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